Dr. Wayne Dyer has become one of Ellen's favorite guests over the past year. As a special thank you to Ellen's viewers, Dr. Dyer is streaming his entire movie, "Ambition to Meaning," all day long for FREE!

In this compelling film, Dr. Dyer explores the spiritual journey to find life's purpose. This video will be available TODAY ONLY, January 13th! You may click on www.ambitiontomeaning.com/store/stream to watch the film right now!


You may purchase a DVD copy of the film by visiting Borders , Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com or by logging onto www.ambitiontomeaning.com. You may also order a copy directly from Hay House by calling 1-800-654-5126.

If you are interested in the written works of Dr. Dyer, his books are available by visiting Hay House.

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