Here you can watch every phone call Ellen has had with her good friend Gladys Hardy -- starting with their very first message exchange!

Gladys Has Her Opinions

Everybody's been asking how Ellen's favorite 88-year-old (and holding) friend is doing, so she called up Gladys. As always, Gladys shared her hilarious opinions on everything Ellen is doing these days.

A Surprise Call from Gladys!

A lot has happened since Ellen last talked to Gladys, so Gladys decided to give Ellen a call.

Ellen's First Message from Gladys!

Gladys calls Ellen's toll-free number and introduces herself.

Ellen Calls Gladys for the First Time!

Ellen learns that Gladys loves Jesus, but drinks a little.

Gladys Helps Ellen with Feng Shui!

Ellen asks Gladys how to properly arrange her plants.

Gladys' Dinner and a Movie!

Gladys gives Ellen a recipe for meatloaf and discusses her thoughts on "Borat."

Glady's Advice for Valentine's Day!

Gladys tells Ellen how she has kept the magic alive after 55 years of marriage.

Gladys Critiques the Oscars!

Gladys gives her opinion on the Oscar telecast and Ellen's performance as host.

Gladys Answers Viewer E-mails!

Ellen calls Gladys to get answers to e-mails from fans.

Gladys and Ellen Discuss "American Idol" and T-shirts!

Gladys shares her thoughts on "American Idol". Ellen then shows some Gladys-themed T-shirts.

Gladys Gives Ellen Health Advice!

Gladys gives Ellen some tips on how to fix her back.

Ellen Calls Gladys on Her 700th Show!

Gladys voices her concerns about preparing for Christmas and then discusses her new CD.

Gladys' Holiday Tips!

Gladys gives advice on everything from buying a tree to her secret eggnog recipe.

Gladys Discusses Gas Prices, Taxes and the Presidential Race!

Gladys shares her opinion on rising gas prices, tax season and the presidential race.

Gladys Calls Ellen on Her Birthday!

Gladys calls Ellen to wish her a Happy Birthday and then gives her thoughts on the presidential inauguration.

Ellen Calls Her Friend, Gladys Hardy!

Gladys weighs in on everything from Ellen's 1,000th episode to her future appearance on the cover of "O"!