This is a great time of year, isn't it? The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you can smell summer just around the corner... it's either summer or Aunt Bee is cooling a rhubarb pie on the windowsill. "Andyyyy?" It's not summer yet... and I have a confession to make; I've been wearing my shorts. I know you're saying, "Ellen, it's only May! Are you Loco?" And to that Isay, "Un poquito."

I love shorts. I find that shorts are the most underrated article of clothing. They're cool and breezy. Most shorts have pockets, so there's always a place to put your hands. And when you're wearing shorts, you're really saying, "I feel casual AND confident... I'd like to introduce you to my legs." I actually like to wear longer shorts. Shorts are so long now, they're pants. And that's fine with me, but they need to be baggy. If they're tight, then they're Capri pants, the cousin of the short. I say the baggier the better, because if you're like me, your weight fluctuates and you have clothes ranging from size 8 to 12. These can go right in the middle. When you're a size 8, they sit a little lower. When you're a size 12, they're a little higher. Either way, you're good to go.

There are so many types of shorts. There're culottes, gauchos, Bermuda shorts... those come with a camera you can hang around your neck and a fanny pack. I have one tip for you if you're putting on shorts for the first time in a long time: moisturize! We neglect our legs all winter long, and if you put shorts on before you moisturize, it looks like you're standing on two, long HoneyBaked Hams. And Easter's over.