At some point, we started adding "Right?" at the end of our sentences. People don't have time for answers anymore. It's a weird speaking trend. We go through different speaking trends. Remember when the movie "When Harry Met Sally" came out, people started saying "Hello?" like Billy Crystal did? "I asked for non-fat milk! Hello?" It was really just a way to call someone stupid disguised as a friendly greeting. "Hello?" "Oh, hello there! How are you?" After "Valley Girl" came out, people started using the word "like" in, like, every sentence. But we still say "like," like all the time. We seem to like it. Do you know what I mean? That's another one, "Do you know what I mean?" People say it all the time at the end of a sentence. But it's perfectly clear what they say. "I'm really hungry, do you know what I mean?" I'm not sure. You mean food go in mouth, then to tummy and make you full? That kind of hungry? The newest one I've noticed is people saying, "yes" and "no" in a way where they mean the same thing... or nothing at all. They're putting "Or no?" at the end of a question. Have you noticed that... or no? Like they'll say, "Are you going to the store, or no?" Give me a chance. I can come up with the alternative to "yes" all by myself. I have my own show, for god's sake.