Maybe it's just the Pilates talking, but I feel great. I'm ready to go. I'm up to the task. Put me in coach, it's time for SEASON 5! (IMAGINE AN ECHO EFFECT)

I spent this week getting ready for the big show. Our season premiere is September 4th in New York City. And my first guest is Senator Hillary Clinton! I have some campaign ideas for her. Like a new slogan: "Girls Rule-Boys Drool." Sounds like a winner to me.

I've been doing Pilates to get ready. It's really hard and has nothing to do with talking "pills" or drinking "lattes."

Speaking of lattes, we got a new coffee machine in the office. I'm telling you, everything's new this year. New coffee, new attitude - I even got a few new writers. And the show petting zoo got a new Gnu. I'm kidding, it's just fun to say, "New Gnu".

The only hitch in the giddy-up this week is that I'm furious with David Hasselhoff. I've been working on a song for "America's Got Talent," and he stole it. But I'm not gonna let it get me down. I turned it into a duet and put it on my website. I think you'll all agree that this is my moment!

Have a great Labor Day everybody. And I'll see you on September 4th!!